What's New Interview with Subusu News (YouTube) 2022-04-19

On the 14th of April KoRoot was visited by Subusu News (YouTube) for an interview about  the founding of KoRoot and about the international adoption.

Rev. Kim, Do Hyun, the founder of KoRoot, and Dr. Philsik Shin, shared their general overview about international adoption and some personal experiences during the interview. 

For those who are interested, we were informed that the video will be aired around the month of May. We will post additional information about the content as soon as we get an update of the airing date. 


Here are some photos from the interview. 

                       <Rev. Kim Do Hyun on the left and Dr. Philsik Shin on the right> 


                       <Dr. Philsik Shin> 

                       <Rev. Kim, Do Hyun>