About the legal adoption fund

The Legal Adoption Fund is a crowd fund founded to enable adoptees to file lawsuits in Korea.

The Legal Adoption Fund is operated by KoRoot and is used to support adoptees who file adoption-related lawsuits in Korea.

All funds given via donations go directly to this purpose.

The Legal Adoption Fund supports principled cases which can be of great importance to other adoptees and which can set a precedent for other adoptees.

By supporting the Legal Adoption Fund, it cannot support all cases, but can support cases of a particularly principled nature.

When you support the Legal Adoption Fund, you support other adoptees in principled cases.

What does the Legal Adoption Fund support? The Legal Adoption Fund supports by providing collateral for deposit requirements in lawsuits by adoptees in adoption cases for the other party's legal costs. The support can be given in whole or in part based on the circumstances of the adoptee.

How many cases can the Legal Adoption Fund support? It depends on the number of donations. Therefore, we hope for as much support as possible.

Transparency: Legal Adoption Fund publishes every quarter an overview to all donors of Legal Adoption Fund's funds and an overview of cases that Legal Adoption Fund has supported.

Amount of support for donations: The minimum amount for donations is 50,000 Won per donation, but you can decide to give a larger amount than 50,000 Won.

US Dollar = 37.12 USD
EURO = 34.20 EUR
Danish Kroner = DKR 254
Norwegian Kroner = NOK 396.50
Swedish Krona = 394 SKR
Australian Dollar = 56.30 AUD

Donate to the Legal Adoption Fund

Step 1: Fill out your donor information, so we know who has donated


Make your donation to the legal adoption fund

Step 2: Make the bank donation bank transfer

Bank Name: Shinhan bank

Beneficiary: KOROOT

Swift code: SHBKKRSE

Accout Number: 100-029-949804

Administrative Branch: Hyojadong Branch

Bank Address: 1-2, Tongin-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea


Your information that you provide to KoRoot will remain confidential and will not be passed on to third parties. Your information is only used to be able to send you information about the use of your donation in the Legal Adoption Fund and not for other purposes. You can always request to be deleted from KoRoot's list of donors to the Legal Adoption Fund by written request to KoRoot's administration. You will receive newsletters via email about the Legal Adoption Fund. You can always ask to be deleted from the email list for newsletters.