What's New Spring day. KoRoot. Coronavirus. 2020-03-27

Dear friends of KoRoot whom I love and respect
Days of worrying are continuing. Coronavirus is making the world difficult. It's a tough time when planes can't fly and almost everyone in the world has to stay home. Should it be called a frozen earth?
KoRoot is no exception. Most of the people who made a reservation at KoRoot has been cancelled. KoRoot has been almost empty for the past 3 months, and there are probably few guests until summer comes. It is too natural since KoRoot is a place to provide a kind of lodging service although it is non-profit one. At times like this, it is better to maintain social distancing.
Someone said, "April is the cruelest month". April 2020 seems like that. A facebook friend from Europe said he had been tested for coronavirus. Perhaps it looks he tested positive. I pray that he will recover well. There are more and more people who are losing their income and have to worry about their livelihood. It makes me think that having a good government is more important than anything else.
Thankfully, I, my wife, staff, and their family are all healthy. Whether the coronavirus is raging or not, the sunshine, grass, and flowers in spring don't care. A few weeks ago, crocuses and daffodils bloomed, and today azaleas, magnolias, and forsythias reveal their culmination. When we see a certain beauty, we feel like we want to enjoy it with someone. So today, I think of all adoptee friends and their families who often or sometimes visited and stayed in KoRoot. I hope they are all healthy, whether they live in any city in Europe or the United States, or somewhere else. One day, when the coronavirus leaves, I hope we have a chance to see each other face to face and share our joy.
Do-Hyun Kim
President of KoRoot